Another Moto X thread: where's the volume rocker (switch)?

While watching the Vietnamese video leak, I noticed there wasn't a volume rocker on the phone. Well, I did some searching and came across this translation that a Reddit user posted:

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Vietnamese here. Here is a rough translation of the video:

Title: – Hands-on of the new small-bezel Motorola phone

Hi, I am holding on my hand a rather strange Motorola phone. (zooms in on phone) When I was informed about a new Motorola phone, I immediately thought about the X Phone, the one widely talked about as an improvement of the Nexus, not only about specs but also about its camera. (flips phone on hand) However, when I held it on my hand I realized that this wasn’t the X Phone, but just a normal Motorola. (closes app drawer) The thing I like best when holding this Motorola is that its screen has an incredibly thin bezel, almost no bezel. Like Tai (another person’s name) said, it has almost no bezel – you can touch from the screen to its side right away. (opens browser) Now I will show you the browser. There, the distance from the phone’s side to the screen is the smallest I have ever seen. The result is that we get a phone with a screen about 4.7 to 4.65 inches – this is what I measured. (pulls out iPhone 5) Its size is about the same as an iPhone 5 with its 4 inch screen. When you hold it on your hand, it feels really comfortable and compact with a big screen. (returns to home screen) The screen it uses is probably a Super AMOLED (does not look like one to me). It is not immediately apparent, but it’s based on my experience. Its resolution is 720p and it has 2 gigs of RAM. Its processor is dual-core, 1.7 GHz. (exits drawer again) I have installed a few information apps so I could see that. At the front we have three basic Android on-screen buttons, similar to the Nexus or Sony Xperia. At the top we have the call speaker, a camera and a Motorola logo. At the left side we have a SIM tray – the phone’s back is not removable, but it has a SIM tray like on the iPhone. At the right side we have the power button here. You can see there is no volume rocker button here. At the bottom we have a Micro USB port. At the top there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a microphone. The back of this phone is a bit curved so it is quite comfortable to hold, since the whole back is in your hand, not just the edges. We have a pretty large camera here, a camera flash as well as a very beautiful stylized Motorola logo. They have drilled a lot of small holes next to the camera. Before, there were phones with very small speaker holes like this: the Lumia 920, Lumia 900, N9 and other HTC phones (One X, One X+…), phones with unibody polycarbonate shells. It’s quite clear that these holes on this Motorola phone is not as refined as those other phones. It has an unibody shell, so it feels quite solid compared to other phones with removable backs. Unfortunately it’s not an X Phone but it’s just a strange Motorola phone. Thanks for watching.

Here's a link to the video leak: Clicky clicky (sorry I couldn't get the video to import from YouTube)

Do you guys think it will have software buttons like the Kindle stuff? If so, would that be a deal breaker?