Did HTC Sense fall off a cliff?

Just 3-4 years ago, HTC Sense was the king of them all. Back when Android was still on 2.x, there were many custom UIs. Samsung TouchWiz, Sony Timescape, Motorola Motoblur, LG Optimus UI and many more. And yet, among reviewers, Sense was always the preferred UI. Its polished look and feel, cool animations and bevy of changes to certain applications such as Mail made Sense an overall experience.

And yet, when HTC updated Sense to version 3, many felt that they weren't doing enough. There was a bevy of updates. Quick access to apps on lock screen, even cooler animations. But beyond that, Sense wasn't doing much to keep up with Samsung's TouchWiz.

In 2012, HTC updated Sense to version 4. It was a very different experience. A completely redesigned interface, new app designs and many more. It was a much bigger update than 3.0, but I still felt that 4.0 was a disappointing update. That same year, Samsung added a smattering amount of new features to TouchWiz Nature UX on the GS3. It was colorful, fast, easy to use and overall, just plain better. It was at this point that I started to prefer TouchWiz over Sense.

One year later, the pressure was on HTC to bring back Sense to the glory it once held. Sense 5 tried. And disappointingly, it failed. Why? There were features that nobody every used. BlinkFeed, a merged client of your social media, messages and RSS feeds. Everyone who had done so had failed in the past. Why did HTC even try and tout this as a MAJOR feature? Then, the app drawer. Sure, it was cool and all, but why did anyone, ANYONE, every feel the need for a new app drawer? Android already has a perfectly good app drawer.

And this brings us to the point: Why didn't HTC spend their time more wisely and use the team whoever designed these things to work on actually useful things? This is the same problem with Samsung, why did ANYONE feel the need to include the ability to control your phone without touching it? Move your damn hand 1 inch closer to the screen and problem solved. This even wastes battery!

As such, it begs the question: What do you think killed Sense off?