Is Android no longer the best value at the low end?

I posted this in android army aswell, just looking for input before I buy a new phone today.

I have been an android user since the beginning and have enjoyed tweaking and optimizing my phones. I have had a number of cheaper android phones (zte blade/san Francisco, G300 x2 , GS2) but am rather rough on phones. I have loved being able to buy a cheap phone and get the functionality of a much more expensive phone with a bit of tweaking.

I'm now looking at buying a Lumia 520 today after my G300 has become unreliable. I am skint at the moment and want a smartphone quickly. I can walk into a store and buy a 520 for 90 euro and walk out with a reliable phone which will do the basics perfectly adequately. I can't find any low price android phones which are as good out of the box without rooting and putting on a new rom. There are many chinese phones such as the jiayu g3 which are great value but they don't come with the security of big brand name like Huawei or Nokia.

Is Windows phone now a better deal than android at the low end? Or am I missing something?