Was Browsing on TV before Chromecast a failure ?

Hi !

"From interface problems to weird remotes to clunky performance, attempts to put the web on TV have all met with failure of one kind or another."

This sentence from the Google Chromecast review is not right in my opinion.

Mirroring to a big screen was always possible, it just needed capable Intel, AMD or NVIDIA hardware (the new Haswell chips can do it just fine) and you have flawless performance to browse the web on any program with easy-to-use setup using Windows, hotkeys on the keyboard or the control panel provided with your Drivers.

I get that now it's done via Wireless (and even then, there's WiDi), but it doesn't seem to me that it was an utter failure before Chromecast came in, at least putting it this way seems kind of exagerrated.

So what are you thoughts about this line ?

And for the mods, for god sake, i'm just saying what i have to say about certain things in the website.