Why Windows Phone users need to shut up about Instagram

I seriously can't take it anymore. The amount of whining and complaining about Instagram not being available on WP needs to stop.

It's bad enough here on The Verge, but if you go to a site like WPCentral it gets completely mad. It's like an alternate world where people went completely insane... I am an ex-WP user, so I am very much aware of the state of delusion some of the WP users live in, but seriously, this needs to stop. It’s especially frustrating because WP is an OS that showed so many promises when it was introduced but is being completely ruined by Microsoft’s mismanagement.

First of all you are using Windows Phone. Nobody forced you to, it was your decision. This has consequences - your OS is nice and smooth but some apps are missing. That's the reality and it has been that way for some time now.

You have every right to choose your OS. But you have no right to go on whining, complaining and demanding an official Instagram app. Or any other app, for that matter. The world doesn't owe you anything.

Second of all, whether Instagram exist on WP is solely Instagram's decision. Now there are perfectly valid reasons why it makes business wise no sense for ‌Instagram to invest into WP (yet). But the fanboys will ignore those, because they are special and they can make demands that nobody else can. "Development, maintanance, support costs you say? Humbug we say, do as we demand!" Oh hey, Asha, Tizen, Blackberry, whateverOS users, where is your right to the Instagram party?

But I wanted to offer one more reason, why Windows Phone does not deserve an Instagram app. That's right, WP doesn't deserve Instagram - not as long as Microsoft is not able to fix their stuff and offer a comparable OS experience.

I'm talking about the broken notifications system of course. Everybody that used WP for a longer period of time knows just how much notifications suck on WP. They get lost or if you are lucky, arrive late. They are simply unreliable - and reliability is the single most important property of a notification.

Instagram is a social network and those very much rely on notifications. I can't tell you how many times I got frustrated with WP because I missed a notification. If you look at the Windows Phone Store and the reviews of apps that rely on notifications (all IM apps, Facebook etc.) you will find a ton of reviews that deal with problems related to notifications. Most people have no idea (and really, why should they?) that this is actually an OS issue and the developers of the application can't really do anything about it. It just throws a bad light at them, not Microsoft.

I would go as far as to say that there is not a single one app on WP (other than the built-in Mail clients) that offers reliable notifications on WP. Not a single one. (And I don't care that it works for YOU, I'm talking in general.)

The point being - no matter what Instagram would do, the WP experience would be crappy compared to the other two systems. That alone is reason enough for Instagram not to be there on WP.

Once MS closes all the holes and catches up with the competition, they will be able to extend the user base and you'll finally get your Instagram app (and all the other apps too). So go ahead, bitch and moan. But direct your energy in the right direction. The bad guys aren't the developers who don't develop for your platform. The bad guys are sitting right there at Microsoft, posting pics on Flickr and not doing their jobs.

So to Microsoft I say this: Fix YOUR shit first (yes, Skype too) before you expect any help from third parties to move YOUR OS where YOU want it to be.

Rant over, I apologize, it got a bit longer than I wanted.