Macbook Air 13" 2013 or Macbook Pro Retina 15''

It has been two years since I have purchased a new Macbook. My current Macbook Pro 13" (late 2011 model) performance has become extremely sluggish when just using the OS, and it has been a nightmare when opening up any of the Adobe CS6 applications.

I tend to pick up my sisters Macbook Air (late 2011 model) when casually browsing the web and just thinking about that experience for 10+ hours would be perfect.

Im completely aware of Apple's life cycles and the new Macbook Retina which will come out some time October, but I have just sold my computer and am in need of a upgrade this week.


In conclusion to continue with my development and the odd bit of video editing using Final Cut Pro X, I need to decide on either great performance or great battery life. The Macbook Air with i7 and 8GB Ram and wait 2 weeks for delivery, or just pick up the 15" Retina (base model) then wish I had the new models later in the year.