What are your favorite movies/films?

One of my all time favorite movies is Atonement. I absolutely adore this film. I think its the cinematography that makes me love it so much. If I ever have a fellow film buff over I always try to show them Atonement.

My other favorite movie would have to be Wall-E. It is my favorite Pixar film. I love that for almost 25 so odd minuets there is no dialogue just sounds and music. The sound design is one of the reason I love Wall-E.

Schindler's List. I watched this one twice a few years ago. It was on a VHS my mom got a garage sale and the lady could not bring her self to watch it. Seeing as it was a never used VHS the quality was almost as good as a DVD!! It came on two tapes. Whenever I watch this it makes me depressed and drains me emotionally. Yet I still am compelled to watch it.

Inception has to be my favorite Christopher Nolan film. I thought it was amazing and love watching it even though my siblings never do when my family has a movie night. Inception was amazing, I love Leonardo Di Caprio he is good in almost any movie. I loved the story and how the explained all the dream stuff. I also enjoy Hans Zimmer so I always love his soundtracks.

Pride and Prejudice was really great. I realized this 2005 classic was great when I finally sat down and watched it. My older sister was an English major and a huge Jane Austen fan so I saw this about 4 times when we were in high school. I never really paid attention though until one time I just thought why not actually watch it. It has since become one my favorite films.

Jurassic Park always held a special place in my heart. When I was a little kid we had a recording of this movie from when it had played on NBC once. The tape started with the end of a Seinfeld episode and lead right into Jurassic Park. I watched this tape all the time when I was sick and home from school. I still love this movie and loved what you can do with special effects before cg took over.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day really is the best sequel ever made. To me it is almost perfect. I think the T-1000s computer graphics are still cool to this day. The story was good in my opinion. I loved all the action and the realism that comes with practical special effects. If I think of more of my favorite movies I'll post them in the comments. What are your favorites?