Battery Life 4.3

Prior to receiving the Android 4.3 OTA update for my Galaxy Nexus, my phone's battery life is almost none existent. I constantly need to recharge half-way into the day, or to be safe, just charge through the USB of my PC at work the entire time. So in short, even when it's just on standby and relatively not being used so much (since I have the work PC to connect to the internet), the battery drain is unstoppable. I often had to go into the settings and check if there's any rogue app that's not letting the phone's CPU rest and just drinking all that juice.

After forcing my GNex to receive the update (yes, the process broke my access to the Play Store and had to remove and add back my Google account), I noticed a significant improvement in my phone's battery life. This is on top of the fact that my phone now actually runs faster and a lot smoother than when it was on 4.2.2.

So when I arrived at work yesterday morning, I decided not to plug it into my PC's USB just to get to see if it would actually last the entire time I'm at work and back home without recharging.......16 hours and 24 minutes later since it was unplugged from the still at 48%!! That would never have happened prior to receiving the update.

Yes, I didn't use it much and I'm just using the stock battery, not the extended one. The phone just usually stays inside my pocket. Just used it to send a few SMS, check personal emails, etc. -- overall, very light use. But I used it exactly the same as when it was still on 4.2.2 but would last only for 6 to 8hrs (if I get lucky).

Thank you, Google for fixing whatever you fixed and for giving my GNex -- "Battery Life 4.3".