This is what next generation surface products should be (My opinion).

I believe RT has its place in the tablet market but the launch prices need to be low.

Also, if OEMs like ASUS, Samsung pull out of Windows RT, that is a good thing for Microsoft. They can price their surface RT tablets more competitively.

I want to see three surface products from Microsoft as below. Prices also included by taking the market conditions and competition into consideration.

1. Surface RT2:

8 inch FULL HD or (7.5 inch 1440x1080 at 240 ppi) display,

Snapdragon 800 processor (Quad core),


32GB, 64GB (with and without LTE),

Free stylus

Price: 32GB = $299,

64GB = $349,

32GB + LTE = $399,

64GB + LTE = $499.

2. Surface:

10.6 inch FULL HD display,

Intel Bay Trail processor (Quad core),


64GB, 128GB,

Keyboard covers (Type),

Keyboard dock with extra battery and additional ports,

Price: 64GB = $499,

128GB = $599,

Type cover = $69,

Keyboard dock = $149.

3. Surface Pro2:

10.6 inch FULL HD display,

Intel Haswell processor (core i5),


128 GB, 256GB,

Free stylus,

Keyboard covers (Type),

Keyboard dock with extra battery and additional ports,

Price: 128GB = $899,

256GB = $1099,

Type cover = $69,

Keyboard dock = $149.

Microsoft should market RT2 as a pure tablet experience with Windows 8 features such as multi tasking, gestures, search, share charms, etc..

They may not be able to make huge profits with RT2, but they need to undercut the iPAD mini with retina thats going to come around same time.

Surface with atom, Surface pro2 can be marketed as tablet/PC's.

Surface atom may look cheap but currently atom tablets with 64GB are selling for $349(ideatab lynx, vivo tab smart). So $499 is reasonable price. Also, they can make profits on keyboard dock because most people will buy that.

They also, need to invest in developers more to bring big name apps and games. If it costs lot of money, so be it. What's the use of having more than $50 billion cash in the bank. Its better if they spent on getting developers rather than keeping in the bank.

This is just my opinion. Want to know what you guys think about it.