And here's HTC rigging benchmarks

Here's their "whitelist",,,,,,,,,, com.aurorasoftworks.quadrant
gr.androiddev.BenchmarkPi, com.smartbench, com.quicinc.vellamo,, com.glbenchmark., se.nena.nenamark
com.southend.electopi, com.tactel.electopia, com.antutu, com.greenecomputing.linpack, eu.chainfire.cfbench, com.georgie.pi,

Employed in a service called libhtc-opt2 which actively monitors for certain apps to give a boost, the exact same mechanism Samsung uses.

This is why stock Android is important. Google's single most priority is making Android attractive for content creators.

The OEM on the other hand cares about hardware sales and will rig conditions to their favour. Even if that means delaying updates deliberately or faking scores to get higher marks in reviews.

What is really interesting is, they would rather invest in doing all this cheap fakery instead of actually working on Androids low-end to make it better. Heck, it's highly questionably that any of these flagships even implement project butter.