Adobe Creative Cloud - causing a storm?

We've been looking for a solution to get all our designers on to the same version of Creative Suite and provide somewhere secure to save files to. Creative Cloud looked like a good bet - especially when it's available with discounted pricing if you already have a valid CS license key. The file syncing also looked especially good, working just like Dropbox.

So I downloaded the trial to check it out, and was faced with this:

 photo creative-cloud-no-sync_zps8e9d23da.jpg

I did some googling and apparently Adobe pulled the cloud sync feature way back in May without warning, and has only provided stock responses since regarding when it would be back and why it was removed. Yet they still advertise the feature on their product pages, without any mention that it's currently unavailable.

There is a thread here from frustrated Adobe users, some of whom have lost work and wasted money trying to compensate for the lack of an advertised feature they paid for. I'm aware the feature was initially a Beta, but that still doesn't excuse Adobe for the way they've behaved.

It seems absolutely outrageous that Adobe would pull this feature without warning, and even more outrageous when they have removed it without any firm indication of when it would be back. If Dropbox or Google were to pull a trick like this, they would be rightfully crucified - so how does Adobe get away with it?