Should PC Vendors Jump on the Thunderbolt wagon? Especially Surface Pro 2?

Unless one has used Thunderbolt, one would find it irrelevant but the truth is it is a really amazing technology which is now off-exclusive rights to Apple. There are not many peripherals but they're coming, and the most anticipated in my opinion is a Thunderbolt Display with a USBs / Ethernet / Thunderbolt dock.

Imagine having a Surface Pro that you could connect to a Thunderbolt display and use the USBs, Ethernets and more Thunderbolts (for daisy chaining) on the display itself. It would be a great one cable solution for data and display. I think Microsoft's refresh to Surface Pro should really include a Thunderbolt cum DisplayPort. And perhaps, Microsoft should make a Thunderbolt display as one of the many surface accessories that they hinted.

As a devices and services company now, Microsoft should really start OWNING its own hardware. I can really pay anything for Microsoft quality but at more than 10 inches.