What does privacy mean to you?

I'm currently taking a Media Literacy class and we just covered our chapter over privacy. The big question we were asked was:

"What does privacy mean to you? Where does privacy and social responsibility begin?"

Remember, this isn't just pertaining to hot topics like PRISM. This question is meant to encompass everything from social media, work, government records and everything in between.

My answer

  • Social Media:

When it comes to social media I believe that you do have a certain privacy rights, but not a lot. I think that you have the right to determine what your privacy settings should be, and how people can find you. With that said, if you don't like or agree with the privacy policy on said social networking site then you shouldn't use it. Plain and simple. It's the social responsibility of the user to understand what the policy is and determine if it's right for them. It's the responsibility of the company (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Google) to clearly define key points of interest of it's policy to the public to a informed decision can be made. Think of it like a "Everything you need to know" for it's privacy policy/terms of use.

  • Work:

This is already in place pretty much everywhere, but any information that you give to work, they can't hand out. I do think that it's the social responsibility of the employee to question and understand the information they are handing over and if it's really necessary for their place of work to hold certain information.This can also go vise versa. It the responsibility of the place of business to accurately identify information that must be kept on record and give the employee the option of opting out of optional information.

  • Government:

This subject I'm still not entirely sure about and this is what I want to hear most from you. It doesn't bother me that the NSA, FBI and CIA can access my information when every they want, mainly because I don't have anything to hid. If them having access to my information will help them catch and identify potential threats, then let them have it. the only thing that worries me is PRISM turing into a unnecessary check up on citizens to catch them for petty things.What do you think? What point of view am I not seeing in this topic?

  • Social Responsibility:

Everyone should understand that giving out their social, mothers maiden name, phone number and other personal information out willingly can end up in a very bad situation. The point is, don't be an idiot.

So that's my take. I'm starting this thread to better understand other points of view on this topic so I can end up making more informed choices on my own.