Does the Macbook Air 11 inch have a smaller trackpad?

Update: I did purchase a MBA 11 and overall am pleased. The trackpad is indeed smaller (I need to borrow my friends 13" MBP to compare), loss of vertical space is noticeable, but it is still a very nice trackpad. Time will tell whether I regret getting it over the 13" model. Thanks for the replies.

In the verge review here

11-inch Macbook Air Review

It is noted that the trackpad is less roomy than the 13 inch model.

Is this true and if so by how much?

Any experience with how noticeable it is/isn't?

I haven't been able to find any mention of this anywhere else (unless it was covered more extensively in previous renditions since the chassis has stayed the same?)


EDIT: Thank you for all of the responses. I'd still like to know actual dimensions, but it looks like I will be satisfied. I will try and find someone who has one to test, but the closest Apple store is almost 2 hours away.