Catch stops with its notes-app: the real reason?

On 30 August, Catch is going to close the doors of its notes-app: the company decided to take the company in a different direction. Catch is still popular: between 5 million and 10 million Android users have the app on its device. It's a bit smaller than Evernote but it was a good alternative.

But with between 5 million and 10 million users, why would it stop? The reason is quite easy. I haven't got any relation with Catch, but if you think very clearly, the real reason shouldn't be hard.

Catch began on 22 April 2008 as 3banana. It was web-only until they introduced an Android app on 24 February 2009. It was a very functional app at that time. It began to grow and they renamed the app to Catch with their new domain Syncing notes across devices was really easy. You could access your notes everywhere you go and on every device.

With 5 million downloads on Android, they could say they were quite succesful, but maybe that wasn't their point. Maybe they just waited to get acquired by Google or another company. While their interest falled down in the service and Google introduced its own note taking service Keep, there wasn't any hope left to get acquired by another company. Maybe this was just their reason to stop the service and go on with other things.

Thanks for reading. Remember: every headline ending with a question mark you could answer "no".