What we know about the Moto X so far...

Taylor Wimberly keeps dropping BOMBS! He just dropped this list on his G+ page:

1. I believe that 97% of the details surrounding the Moto X have already leaked, but I'm certain there are a couple surprises left. Any guesses?

2. I was never able to confirm the rumor that units had shipped to carrier stores. You would think that some rogue retail employee would have leaked a pic if there were boxes sitting in the back, but how did Best Buy keep the Chromecast stock a secret?

3. I still believe online pre-sales will start tomorrow. I'm told they will be sold at Motorola.com and not the Google Play store. The online configurator should offer more customization options that people are expecting.

4. Rumored pricing for Moto X off-contract has been anywhere from $199 to $599. I honestly don't know what the final price is, but Google has the ability to hit any price point they desire. I think a base price of $499 would disappoint, $399 would be a good value, $299 would make most people happy, and $199 would signal that Google is scared of Samsung.

5. Speaking of pricing, don't expect a big discount if you are buying a carrier locked version.

6. Props to Motorola for trying something new with the camera. They are the only ones using this new Clear Pixel camera, and it could be the best camera on any Android phone. Should have great low-light performance like the HTC One, more detail like the GS4, and video at 1080p 60 FPS.

7. Also glad to see Moto pick a display that offers the best picture and power consumption, instead of just going for highest-resolution. Moto is calling this the worlds first interactive LED display. It has uniform RGB sub-pixel arrangement (non-pentile).

8. Most underated feature could be Motorola Connect. Not much is known about this feature, but it's an app that connects the Moto X to the desktop Chrome browser (think Airdroid functionality). There might also be some new functionality for Chromecast.

9. In case you missed it, the rumored Motorola xWATCH has been shelved until a later date


10. Moto X will probably lose out on a couple benchmark wars with the One/GS4 since it only has 2 CPU cores instead of 4, but the day-to-day performance will be comparable. All devices have the same Adreno 320 GPU, so gaming performance will also be the same.

11. I definitely contributed to building up the hype, but Moto did an excellent job of creating buzz for this launch. It will be really hard for the final product to live up to the hype we created, but it has a chance if they price it right.

12. Don't remember if this leaked, but Moto X has a SmartBoost Speaker with Smart Bass up to 3watts. Also does virtual 5.1 surround sound with headset.

13. Moto X features the same "stock Android" as seen on the new Droids, but with less carrier bloatware. There will be some Moto specific apps like the camera, and other widgets. Moto will promise faster Android upgrade cycles than other OEMs.

14. I'm not going to the launch event in NYC because Moto didn't invite me. They have not invited me to any event since I was kicked out of the launch event of their first Android phone (R.I.P. CLIQ).

15. The last Moto phone I purchased was the original RAZR. I have never bought one of their Android phones, but I'm going to buy the Moto X since it's assembled in my home state of Texas.

#12 is new to me, and has me even more excited about this thing. Screw specs! As long as it's great, smooth and feature-filled for day-to-day use, I'm good! The Motorola Connect also has me intrigued. Thoughts?