Comment Feature Request: Flair?

I don't like using the term "flair," because I feel it gives negative connotation to a childish way to personalize an online profile, like back in the Myspace days. *shudder*

But it occurred to me that it would be really handy, since it can be assumed that most people that consume The Verge have some sort of technological device, to be able to have the option to add that device into your profile, and then it would show up on comments next to your handle. If you frequent /r/Android on Reddit, it has a similar format.

I feel like the Verge has a headstart on this kind of a feature, because they already have an extensive library of devices. I feel like it wouldn't be too difficult to write code to tap into that database for people to choose a device to display.

The idea occurred to me with this comment chain above, when razerbreeze said "take the nexus route" without knowing that I actually have a Galaxy Nexus already. It's not really life-or-death, but it would be helpful and kinda fun to see what different devices people have in the comments. Might also give extra context for people's responses, and maybe put a bit of a salve on some flame wars and confusion in comment threads? I'm speculating at this point, but I think this feature might really add to The Verge in a positive way.

tl;dr We should have user flair in comments, to see what devices different people have.

What do you guys think?

I mocked up a quick example of what I picture in photoshop: