Making The Change: One Man’s Journey from iOS to Android

About a month ago I was stranded at the Denver International Airport over-night, no big deal it happens all the time. So like I always do with tremendously long layovers (or delays) I took out my iPhone 5 and being searching for an app to keep me entertained, as I was switching from HBO Go to Angry Birds and then over to Mailbox to get some email taken care of I realized iOS was feeling old and very tied down; and honestly even the screen on the iPhone 5 was beginning to feel unbearably slow. Up until this point I had been growing increasingly more curious about what the Android operating system had to offer, and it was at that moment of dissatisfaction with iOS and curiosity about Android that I told myself I would switch.

The next day when my flight landed in Chicago the first thing I did was go into Radio Shack and buy a very expensive Galaxy S4 (Off Contract $$$) copied over my SIM card and put the Google Play Edition ROM on and I was in action. I’ll be completely honest those first 3 days were very difficult and I was close to switching back numerous times. The reason it was so difficult is simply because, with the added functionality and customization options available with Android comes a little more of a learning curve for basic tasks …..i.e “How the hell do I use swipe”. But as these little issues passed I found myself being able to be extremely productive on my Phone, Gmail and Google Drive alone have made the switch worth it for me.

In addition to all of the great features that come stock with Android, things like lightflow and tasker have made my smartphone experience feel smart again. I have no data to back this up, but I get the impression that the developer community for android places a lot of focus on great productivity and business apps which is a big deal for me.

Coming from the flagship iOS phone to one of the high-end Android Phones I can also say the hardware (even with the plastic back) on the GS4 feels better than the iPhone, the only big complaint I have about the GS4 w/ Stock is the Camera but honestly the camera is still very usable and I think my complaint would be more with Googles Camera App (The Instagram Camera works great!).

At the end of the day the reason this was a good transition for me is because the iPhone felt like a toy, this Galaxy S4 feels like a tool.