Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 2013)

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Reviewed by Schoensen (Currently owns)

I too have to say that I have never written a review for any product on the verge yet. However as a longstanding mac user I expected the update to be as subtle as my jump from the 2004 Powerbook to the 2008 Macbook. In a certain way I always was disappointed by the macbook. It was fast and reliable and after 5 years I love this piece of equipment. Except the battery and the hard-disk (which I changed to a SSD last year) it still works and my GF is happy to take it, use it and love it. But somehow it was not special.

Enter the macbook air. I really love the form factor. The design is everything I ever wanted and wished from a laptop. The battery life is amazing. I actually use it like my ipad whenever I use it to write or take it out for some work in a café or train. I personally have no complaints about the speed and usability. However heavy sites like the verge are only a bit faster than when displayed on my old macbook which is 5 years old.
It has the best trackpad but actually the keyboard is a bit to 'clicky' for me (Sorry John Gruber ;-)).

All in all, it is the best computer around. I struggled, thinking I might buy the macbook pro retina because a retina display is undoubtedly the future, but having decided for thinness, less weight and an amazing battery life I am really happy.

Go and buy it.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 10
  • Keyboard 9
  • Touchpad 10
  • Display 8
  • Performance 8
  • Heat / noise 8
  • Battery life 10
  • Software 10
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