Microsoft Fandom: Being The Last Kid To Be Picked Up At School



It's 3 o' clock and your elementary school friends have either taken their bus or been picked up by their parents. Your ear is sensitive to any sounds made by passing cars but every time you look up to see if it's your ride, it's not.

You're the last man standing waiting.

As you stare down at your feet listening for your parents' 95' Pontiac Minivan, you think of the kids who got picked up just as school got out. You think of the Google hover craft that drives itself. Your classmate waves as he hovers past you. You can see his mouth gesture, "Okay, glass" and now you're paranoid he's uploading a video of you waiting.

You look up again because you thought you heard something but no. It was just a memory of another one of your friends hopping into their aluminum-accented, unibody, finger-print-scanning, liquid-metal, Siri-driven car. The kid inside could use any app she wants but today, she chose to go analog. Today she pulled out her Moleskine to jot down some ideas. "Siri," she says, "Buy my tickets to the Art Festival and don't forget to stop by Starbucks on the way home."

Finally, you hear a screeching fan-belt from around the corner. It's your parents. They were running a little late because they had some business to take care of at work. The side door slides open and you hop in like it's your get-away car. You love your parents but can't understand why they always leave you waiting. "When are we going to get a new car," you ask.

"You're just going to have to wait and see," they say and for a moment you wish you were adopted.