For budget-friendly laptop, Intel third-gen core-i3 or AMD A6 with dedicated graphics?


After using Asus A42F with first generation core-i3 for two and a half year, I guess it's the time to get a new laptop. I mostly do a lot of writing, some photoshop and video-editing (mostly in Sony Vegas Pro), and a very little gaming. My budget at this moment is at most $500.

In a local store, I struck a deal of exchanging my laptop for $250 worth of value. Now I can get another just by paying $250. Question is, what should I get?

They have some Samsung and HP models only. I can choose from third-generation core i3 and AMD A6 with dedicated graphics. Now there's always this hot debate of Intel vs AMD, just like Mac vs PC, Android vs iOS, Linux vs Windows, etc.

Can someone tell me if there's any other disadvantage of getting the AMD A6 other than the fact that it's not so popular? I'm aiming for AMD A6 mostly because of the dedicated graphics.

Please help. Thanks.