iOS vs Android - Am I really missing out on apps? And are you?

I'm too lazy to search so hopefully I'm not retreading a well worn topic, and I'm curious if others have gone through this exercise.

In the earlier days of Android, I had an EVO,EVO 4G, and then a Nexus S 4G on Sprint for my personal device in 2010-2011.

Mid last year, my work device was upgraded from a Blackberry to an iPhone 4S. Sprint being Sprint, I decided I was sick of carrying 2 devices and that I'd try to use GV as my personal # running on top of my work iPhone 4S.

Fast forward to today, I plan on changing jobs soon and had to re-establish a personal device, so I bought a HTC One on AT&T.

During my year of no Android, I was definitely blown away at the sheer number of quality apps. I could keep my kids entertained in ways on my work iPhone that I could never manage as of late 2011 on my Nexus S 4G.

But I love my HTC One and I missed Android. Nonetheless, I wanted to categorize all the apps I use regularly and see which ones were not available on Android, and which apps had better experiences on iOS as people claim.

Surprisingly I found that as far as apps are concerned, outside of games for my little ones, most everything I do on iOS is available on Android.

Apps I use which are available on both Android/iOS which I find to be of equal quality:

Twitter, LinkedIn, Pulse, Google Maps, Starbucks, Rdio, Google Plus, Kindle, Field Trip, Youtube, Netflix, HBO Go, TiVo, Instagram, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Fantasy Football, Amazon, Fly Delta, Shatoetry, Bank of America, Safeway, Google Hangouts, SkyMotion, Google Search, Vine, Dropbox, Vevo, Google Offers, Max Go, Showtime, Pocket

Apps I use which are available on both Android/iOS which are better on Android:

Chrome, Soundhound, Evernote, Google Voice, Gmail, Google Drive

Apps I use which are available on both Android/iOS which are better on iOS:

Yahoo Weather, Pocket Casts, Weatherbug, Super Monsters Ate my Condo

Apps I use which are iOS exclusive for now:

Mailbox, iMessage, Clear, Over, Sky Guide

Apps I use which are Android exclusive for now:

Google Play Music, Unified Remote

So that's my story. OS differences aside, iOS vs. Android for apps makes absolutely no difference for me. Mailbox is not necessary on Android because Gmail is so much better. And having intents I can set is one of the most infuriating things about iOS. It drives me nuts I can't make Chrome my default browser or Google Maps my default mapping app.

I may not represent all users and really the only critical app for my work is email. Everything else is just about equal.

I think Apple would win over a lot of users if they were to just allow users to set defaults to apps, and god forbid, if they would make iMessage cross platform. I'm sure Steve Jobs will be brought back from death before either are implemented on iOS, but for me they are reason enough why I could never be 'all in' on iOS.