Not sure what to do about my Sprint service...

I convinced myself to leave T-Mo for Sprint's "Unlimited" data plans, but their speeds are so mind-numbingly SLOW (0.13 down / 0.5 up) that data is absolutely useless with them. I live in a metropolitan area that they advertise to have LTE, but the coverage is weak and the only times I actually get useful LTE speeds are when I'm driving somewhere.

My current ETF fee is $260. I'm wondering if I should just eat the ETF and move on to other providers... T-Mo is my #1 choice. Ideally, I'd like to be with VZW, but their fees are kind of ridiculous. T-Mo doesnt have the best coverage, but if I could at least make some use of the money I'm spending for data, I think it'll be better than what I've been experiencing with Sprint for the past 3 years.

For now, I find Sprint's Unlimited data to be a complete scam. I'm sure there are more fortunate customers that pull in LTE signals everywhere they go, but in my case, Sprint's "network improvements" in my city (L.A.) are just a straight up lie.

$100/mo for 3G speeds slower than dial-up? Pfff...

WWYD? Should I stay and hope for better coverage? Leave for T-Mo and eat the ETF? Is it worth it? am I better off with VZW, paying much more than I'd like?