Redefining High-End: The Moto X

Nokia 1020:

Dual Core processor. 1280x768 Screen Resolution. Ridiculously amazing camera.

iPhone 5:

Dual Core processor. 1136x640 Screen Resolution. Highly regarded good camera.

Notice that I only mentioned those two specs. Processor and Screen. The reason being that these are posted as the distinguishing factor as to what makes a phone high end.

What about Android though?

Quad Core and 1080p are considered the newest 'high end' features. If your phone doesn't have these, then you're automatically mid-range, right?

This shouldn't be the case.

The argument that many people use to justify their mid-range claims is this: Android needs quad core processors to run smoothly.

That's frankly a load of s**t.

Android doesn't need a quad core to run smoothly. My wife's pink Droid Razr M seems to run fine on its dual core processor. Their a countless Galaxy S3s running smoothly in the US on their dual cores. In fact, many claim that the S3 runs smoother than the newer S4.

That said, I believe that the Moto X can help redefine what makes an Android phone 'high end'.

The measure of any device should be its performance right? Again, many iPhone and Windows users use this claim to reason why they don't have the newest hardware available.

Maybe the Moto X will do just that. Maybe it will be optimized to perform at a high level without a quad core chip.

This phone will be inevitably compared to not only its Android stable mates, but its OS competitors as well. If this phone is a great performer, then it shouldn't be label 'mid range'. If so...why not other phones that aren't using the latest tech?

Share your thoughts below on the eve of the Moto X.