What Surface RT should have been

Been paying attention to the discussions about Surface RT and the financial results. After listening and looking at others thoughts this is what I think was done wrong.

First off should only have been Surface and no Surface Pro. Surface should have been only Windows 8 ARM Edition. the name Surface RT should never have seen the light of day.

Why no Surface Pro? Because using the ARM edition of Windows 8 MS could have left the x86 market to OEMs and sold the Surface at a lower price as not to piss off partners. MS hurt themselves by pricing the device at near what an OEM would have to charge to be profitable. That was the wrong thing to do. Should have launched at $299 or $349,

The design of the Surface would still have given OEMs something to shoot for with the x86 devices, but wouldnt have compelled them to build ARM devices for Windows 8 ARM Edition.

As a device we have been very happy with our Surface RTs, but we were going to purchase anyway.