Coming From the Dark Side: Switching From iOS to Android

I'm really happy with my iPhone, I have a 4S running iOS 7 beta 4 and it's fantastic, but I'm so curious about what android has to offer since switching from a my touch. I don't have anything against Android whatsoever but the problem is that literally 90% of my family has an iOS device and that makes everything so easy, even my grandparents can pick their iPad mini whenever they want and shoot me a quick message or FaceTime me with no trouble at all, and with my contract coming to an end with T-Mobile in the coming weeks, I'm absolutely stuck. While I love the new Android phones coming out, especially the HTC One, which in my opinion is one the best looking devices I have ever seen, Apple's fantastic ecosystem is holding me back from making the switch, especially iMessage, any advice?

Any imput is great, but please, keep the fanboyism to a minimum. Thanks (: