Apple wins Samsung's most loyal customers

iPhone leads customer satisfaction in Samsung’s home turf of South Korea

iPad Earns the Highest Consumer Satisfaction Rank for Tablets in South Korea Once Again

Now, here, the 1st important thing is that I am a South Korean myself. So I know how loyal most South Koreans are to their local brands. When it comes to buying ANY electronic gadget, most South Koreans don't even think about choosing from a variety of brands. It's either Samsung or LG. There is no question about it. Koreans think they have something like a "responsibility" to help their local brands.

The 2nd important thing is that local brands smartphone & tablets have exclusive localised features. They have DMB (which is like a mobile TV), and navigation apps that are customised for South Korea. And many others. Such features give local brand smartphones and tablets an edge over others.

The most important thing is that even with the two above reasons, iPhones and iPads have won South Korean customer's hearts, more so than the local brands' products. And that is truly an amazing achievement. Having seen the loyalty and stickiness of South Korean consumers to the local brands, this is perhaps more amazing than iPhone winning 9th consecutive JD Power awards in the US.

I can't remember of a better example to illustrate a case where quality beats quantity.