I'm currently in the market for a new phone to replace my 8X. In my previous post, I asked about and wanted opinions on the i5 from a WP users perspective; now after seeing some demo units for the Z10, the new OS interests me. Since I'm a professional, I wanted something that is a productivity workhorse (and btw, WP looks a little unprofessional imo) but can still be a device to occasionally play games (work and play). The main thing that really has my attention on the Z10 is the Hub and email experience as this is essential for me. I want to be able to receive and respond to customer inquiries very quickly and efficiently and basically just have a premium, professional phone that will hold up for a while. So, how is the Z10? I highly doubt any WP users switched from WP to BB10 but have any WP users used the BB10 and if so, how is it? Apps aren't that big of a deal to me (thus I'm on WP, obviously apps don't matter that much). Thanks in advance!