Lumia EOS would be a half-hearted if :

Let me put this straight and clear!

It doesn't

1) have a 1080p display.

2) Quad-Core Processor.

3) MicroSD Card Support

4) Inbuilt Wireless Charging

and should try to release on all carriers like the S4 and iPhone to really make a mark.

$99 as always on contract,

and should make the 925,928,920 free on contract when EOS releases.

I don't want to listen to the same reasons again and again -

- Windows Phone doesn't need a Quad-Core

- 720p and 1080p display do not make a difference the naked eye.

These are just excuses. they aren't genuine reasons. Lets pls face the facts and admit that we all want this to happen.

The reason why I m adamant about the hardware is because I m a victim of the same compromises Nokia makes. I bought the Lumia 800 when they said dual-core processors aren't necessary. and then what happened? I m stuck with wp 7.8. what happened to 'windows phone doesn't need dual-core' then?

everyone knows that by 2014, all flagships will have a 1080p display. and if 720p is ok now, surely in 8-10 months we will see Lumia with a 1080p display and we will be stuck with a 720p for atleast another 2years if you are in US and 3-4 yrs for others who buy in developing countries like mine (we do not buy a smarphone every two years).

Immediately the next flagship 920 (900 wasn't released in my region) had a 720p display and Dual-Core processor.

and the same thing is going to happen again, if you say that it's ok for Nokia to release a 720p display+dual-core EOS, then their next phone in another 6months would be the phone with the specs I have asked for. Who knows what wp8.1 has to offer? what if it really is a powerful update and 2014 we have so many cool games to play with. and what would nokia do? I will release a refreshed version of the EOS and we will be screwed. As a victim, you really have to face it to understand why we need a Future device !