Looking for Graphic / UX / Web Designers from All Around the World

We're a small team of creative folks from Krakow, Poland. We love our job but we've been always missing a tool to present our graphic projects to clients in a friendly and efficient way. We needed something that would help them understand our concepts and streamline our collaboration. That's why we've built our own app called PROJEKTOR.


Right now, we're finishing our beta which is going to be public soon. We're currently looking for beta testers from all around the world so if you'd like to try PROJEKTOR out, sign up for a beta version today at http://projektorapp.com/.

Here are some key features of the software. PROJEKTOR enables you to:

  • present your graphic projects remotely to clients across the globe and get fast and contextual feedback,
  • discuss your ideas and clients' suggestions directly on mockups / illustrations / wireframes,
  • make your communication and cooperation seamless,
  • integrate with Dropbox and Basecamp,
  • display PSD files without having to convert them to another file format specially for your clients,
  • manage your entire design process within this one app.

To put it in a nutshell, this is made so you and your clients don't have to waste your time tracking emails with attachments and screenshots which is so much time-consuming and even discouraging as you surely know.

We'd greatly appreciate your help and comments!

Thanks in advance,