iWatch...the ultimate input and capture device

I was just listening to the Vergecast and had a thought. They were talking about these fitness devices, and how until they know what you are eating, they aren't great for counting calories, etc. ok, that's true. But think of iWatch as the ultimate capture and input device. Obviously it is too small to have keyboard input, so a dramatically better Siri is going to be central, with an amazing microphone.

IWatch would be your spontaneous inbox device. You're eating a meal, and you tell it "I'm eating a grilled cheese sandwich, fries, etc." and it quickly adds that to your Nike Fuelband app.

You want to dictate a note, or input something into the Omnifocus Inbox app for iWatch. You quickly Siri it and its in, and goes into your inbox on ipad, iPhone, and Mac. It is the perfect GTD inbox device.

If it has a camera, It could be used for inputting photos of an amazing bottle of wine into the Evernote Inbox app for iWatch, which syncs via iCloud to IPhone/ipad Evernote for processing.

Also the camera could allow you to scan documents into a PDF inbox, Siri voice tag, and process on Mac or iPad

Obviously Voice memos would be a feature.

If an IWatch can do this, I would buy it alone as the ultimate data clipping and inbox device.