Google/Motorola and their ridiculous decision to release a US-only phone

So Google bought Motorola. Now they are (finally) about to put out what I think will be a fantastic phone. But they are making one huge mistake - releasing it only in the US.

Google have a history of making every software release US-only, and now apparently they are applying this method to hardware. It's always been ridiculous but for a phone, even more so.

Consider that in the US there are around 129.4 million smartphone users, and that there are around 136 million smartphone users in Europe. Europe is a huge market, at least on par with the US.

So why are Google deciding to gimp their first decent hardware release by limiting it the US? I know Americans are patriotic but having a phone assembled in the US isn't going to be some huge differentiating factor that would offset ignoring the huge market of Europe.

Would be nice to hear people's thoughts on this.