Skydrive not updating promptly

I have been using Skydrive extensively recently so my files is available from my desktop, laptop, and iPad. I start noticing that any changes I made to the files are not synced right away. It's extremely annoying the fact that there's no force-refresh in the client. Ie. I can create a new file or change a file, and I can see the Skydrive applet not doing anything (saying it's up-to-date, despite the last update being hours ago). The only resolution is to quit and restart the applet. Well, it gets old having to do this every single time. Or I can wait until the applet updates things automatically, but I don't know when it's going to do that, and it can mean not having access to the files I want to on the other devices. This is true on my Mac and Windows machines.

In contrast is dropbox. Every small change I did, I see the applet automatically syncing, right away. That's the way it's supposed to be done!

Is this a known issue with Skydrive? Does it have a certain threshold that the applet is waiting to reach before it updates? It defeats the whole concept of syncing. Dropbox can do it right, yet a big software company like Microsoft can't? :rolleyes: