I'm Not Sure How to Feel About Re-Vine

Vine added a new feature in the last few days: re-vine. I think this has the potential to totally ruin vine.

The idea is simple: retweeting works super well on twitter, so it'll probably work really well on twitter's video app. The problem is that this is a lot more like re-blogging from tumblr than it is re-tweeting on twitter. Retweeting is a great way to spread news, or pass on a good joke without stealing it. It works so well because most users tweet their own tweets more than they retweet. 140 characters is relatively easy to write, and people are writing a lot. Creating content is much harder, and that's clear from the sheer number of tumblr's that don't really create anything at all, just endlessly reblog and pass around 'the world's creators'. Its no surprise that some of the best vines take hours of thinking and planning, and even actors, rehearsals and tons of takes.

I'm not afraid to admit that nearly everything I put on vine(and twitter for that matter) is stupid, but at least I'm creating something and expressing (or just recording) myself. I wouldn't do that if the prevailing culture was to express oneself by repeatedly re-vining adam goldberg. The latter is a lot easier to do. I'm not sure how twitter will convince ordinary people to make things when there are already plenty of things being made by people who are good at it.

On the flipside, maybe this will lead to them getting rid of the featured vines that pollute my feed because the people I follow will just re-vine the good stuff.