Chromebooks, a $200 investment.

I'd like to begin with a simple question. What PC OS do you believe is being developed the quickest? OSX, W8? Well, I'd say ChromeOS. I implore you to watch all the Chromebook review videos, from the first to the last, skip to the part where they talk about the OS. Now tell me, in a two year period, how much has changed?

It started out as a browser. Just that, and that's where the "just a browser" quip originates. Go a little further, still just a browser, but it looks more like an actual OS, has a taskbar, has an app tray. Go even further, now you can have an Ubuntu laptop for $200, on a Chromebook. Look at now, now we have packaged apps, apps that can work on or offline so they work like traditional apps.

Now this is just my opinion, but I believe that Chromebooks, and even the ChromeOS has come a long ways since its debut. On the stable channel it is updated (when you are good and ready, it doesn't force you to, and it doesn't constantly pop up annoying windows to ask you to do so) every six weeks. On the dev channel it is updated every two weeks. In my opinion that is a pretty quick pace to move at. I believe that at $200, a Chromebook is an investment worth the money to anyone who has the cash and feels a bit adventurous.

Now don't get me wrong, this post isn't to say Chromebooks are better than X, or that Y is better Z. I would simply like to offer up the point of view that Chromebooks can be seen as an investment for the Google view of the future, a future where internet dominates what computers are used for, and where the Cloud is where you keep your files. Again, I'd like to state that this is not a post intended to say, you should buy a Chromebook instead of X. Or even to say that Chromebooks can do this in comparison to Y. It is simply here to say that Chromebooks are perhaps a cheap investment. An investment for something that is a little bit quirky, a little bit different. Who knows? If you "bide your time, and hold out hope", it may end up being a cheap machine that can fulfill all your needs.