Name mystery of Nokia Lumia "EOS"

So, what is it going to be? 909, or 1000 or 1020?

We have 909 and 1020 from ever reliant controlled leaker of information: evleaks.

1000 is a strong case because leaked press photo shows 10:00 as time.

But my hunch is it is going to be Nokia Lumia 929!

The naming scheme of Lumia abc suggests that:

  • a signifies the market segment,
  • b signifies the OS version (0 and 1 for WP7.8, 2 for WP8.0) and
  • c signifies variant

In general, greater the number, better it is.

Indeed if we have 909 on cards, it would come with Windows Phone 7.8, and it is unlikely but not impossible.

But all the specs point to 929 which means it would be best phone Nokia would ever deliver on Windows Phone 8.0