T8 'spider robot' has three motors in each leg, moves realistically

Robugtix, a a robotics company based in Hong Kong, has a new 'toy' for you to play with -T8. T8 is a 'spider', but not in the way you'd expect. The octopod has 3 motors in each leg, and 2 in its abdomen, adding up to 26 motors altogether. The robot moves realistically, meaning it's probably likely it will scare off scared family members - let's just hope they don't stamp on it.

T8 is available to buy, but for a price - namely, $1350. It gets worse - there's a $150 pre-order discount, so the final price will be $1500, and you need to buy the controllers for the robot too, adding $35 or $85 onto the price, depending which controller package you choose. Even so, I think most of us will admit to secretly wanting one of these, just to see the look on the cat's face when they encounter it.