Need help for a friend's buying decision

Hey guys! My friend (student) wants to buy a new tablet soon. Since I'm a full Microsoft guy, I wanted to have some opinions from you droids.

My friend currently owns an iPad 2 which he wants to get rid of (no SD-Card movies, no LTE). He is thinking about getting a Samsung Note 10.1 LTE, which would cost €400.

He would be able to get a surface RT for €200 (250 with touch, 290 with type cover) though via university discount.

Another friend suggests him to get the Xperia Z tablet, which would be around the price of the Note, maybe slightly higher.

His other devices are a Galaxy Note 2 and a Samsung Tablet with Windows 8 Pro.

I would strongly suggest him a Surface RT because of the imminent 8.1 update (which I love on my PC). What do you guys think? I would like you to be a bit objective :) Thank you!!