Choosing between the PS4 and the Xbox One


This is my personal view of the both systems, through the eyes of a somewhat 'hardcore' gamer. Already owning both the 360 and the PS3 I do not feel like I have to pick a side just to stick with the same brand. Right now the Xbox One is the most appealing thanks to the pros listed below and the integration with Microsoft's ecosystem.

Are there any other features that I've missed? Are you buying either system because of the reasons below or are you picking one of them based on the exclusive games that will be available on a particular platform? Discuss.

PS4 Xbox One
More graphically advanced first-party games Cross-platform gaming (e.g. Project Spark)
Indie friendly (self publishing allowed on the PS Store) Impulse triggers
TV integration
POSSIBLE PROS (not yet proven)
More graphically advanced third-party games Innovative, hardcore Kinect games
Better UI & better integration with PCs
Touchpad Scan DLC codes with Kinect
Vita and Gaikai streaming Xbox Live makes trolls play with trolls
Automatic controller-to-console pairing, automatic low power state for controllers when no one is using them and automatic adjustment of split-screens according to where people are in the room.