HTC: Continuing to reap what they've sown

Oh HTC...

The reports are in and you're definetly not doing too good. But why? Why is a company that released a much hyped, much praised, almost god-like device (in some people's opinions) not able to turn a great profit?

Let's look at the culprits:

1. Samsung Marketing

This one is the first thing people will accuse of hurting HTC the most. Many will claim that the marketing budget of this single company has effectely destroyed HTCs chances.

Too bad that's least to an extent.

Lets remember Marketing 101: A name brand can sell if its in some way good. People bash the S4, but honestly, the phone is okay.

The name brand is what is selling. The Galaxy brand has been concreted and its trusted now by quite a few.

(And for you who will no doubt argue that Samsung is only where they are becasue they copied Apple, please recognize that unlike many companies who are now struggling, Samsung had the sense to see that Apple had changed the entire game of selling device. From the iPod to the iPad, Apple rocked the established formula, and Samsung knew where to go to succeed. Wonder if HTCs fortunes would be different had they done the same?)

Can you say the same for HTC? Huh?


2. Apple

In people's mad rush to point fingers at Samsung, they overlook another nemesis. The biggest one in fact.


Do any actually think that Samsung alone is killing the market? If you don't honestly blame Apple as one of the culprits, you're delusional. Apple is continuing to sell devices, even if they aren't selling as many when their so close to their possible release date.

And that little deal between HTC and Apple...I personally think that it was Apples way of dividing and conquering. How soon before we see Samsung sued by HTC as a way to stop their rise? Apple doesn't license out of the goodness of their heart.

There's a power play waiting in the wings and it won't be long before we see the fruits of that devil deal brought to the front.

3. HTC itself, DUH!!!

^This is the main reason for HTCs current woes.

They've done so much wrong that I couldn't begin to post everything. Management. Products. Software. Marketing. Negotiations. Supply.

All these things were handled wrong in some way or another and look at the results. I'm by no means in a position to tell a multi-million dollar company how to run itself, but apparently no one else at HTC is in that position either.

I'll conclude with this.

Voting to support HTC is great when you do so with your wallet. And while I thought at one I wanted HTC to succeed, now I don't care.

The market continues to shift and HTC didn't adjust fast enough. These are the results. Maybe, just maybe we need HTC to fail horribly so that others don't make the same mistakes that they did.

In the end, if HTC is 'no more', then someone will take their place.