Did it really just do what I think it did?

There I was minding my own "bidness" looking for an app in the stock htc one app drawer when all of a sudden.... LAG! It happen really fast but fast enough for me to notice, more like it hasitated. I think I've seen it do this before just not sure where. I was having a lag free experience like always unlike any other device I've used and today that came to an end. I feel like it picked a fight with me for no reason. How could it do this to me, how could it lag just from scrolling through the app drawer. I've stuck by its side heat problems and all, even bought it a sexy case so we could get over our heat issues together... As one. Then today it had the nerve to lag?

What's next? Shutter? Frame-DROPS?

Ok I'm done being dramatic. Seriously, the phone has not slowed down at all. Google's next project besides battery life needs to be keeping the device experience the same throughout its life span. (2 years) - OEMS should follow also with software optimizations. I find it interesting that the newer Android devices can be super fast and lag free out the box (well some of them) and a few months later exhibit different behavior. I'm sorry to bring apple into this but I also believe that if Android cleaned up PROPERLY after itself that would be very helpful. Especially when Uninstalling an app, you have to manually clear off all data, even then some still remains until you erase it via computer. Come to think of it Apple may still have that problem also on iOS. It's just less obvious.