Smashed my phone, now what? iPhone 5 or Android?

Recently (last night) I smashed my Nexus 4. On second thought, I didn't really smash it. It tends to do this thing where whenever I put it on a table, it just slides off. Well, that happened last night and after a hard drop of a few feet onto a hardwood floor, the screen is now cracked and unresponsive to the touch. With this having happened, I'll need a new device and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me.

I called around and checked prices for repairing the screen, but it is almost as much as buying a new Nexus 4 and I don't really want to go through the hassle of having it repaired, voiding the warranty (it probably already has been?), etc. Right now my predicament is that I don't know if I should just buy a replacement Nexus 4 or get an iPhone 5. Since the iPhone 5 has been out for a while now, I'm nervous that I'll buy it and in a few months a new version will come out. The Nexus 4 has been serving my needs pretty well up until now, and the only real problem that I have been having with it is the battery life (hence the iPhone 5, which supposedly has better battery life?) Then again, the Nexus 4 is much cheaper.

Anyway, I was hoping I could get some advice on which course of action I should take: new Nexus 4, iPhone 5, or something else?