Lumia 925 and the Nokia experience today

I went to purchase the Nokia Lumia 925, Pay as You Go (as I have three contracts), on O2 for £449. I was slightly annoyed how the phone in white, is only available on O2, and not on sim free from any retail stores in White. Stock also seems sparse, only one store had stock, whilst almost every other o2 retail store has no stock at all.

Nokia were actually in Birmingham, with a massive stand. This is where the fun began. The O2 retail store sales rep told me to venture down, as they were telling everyone in the city centre purchasing a Lumia 925 to go down. What happened?

  • Free drinks in the VIP seating area of the stand, which was actually pretty nice.
  • Free Lumia 925 case
  • Free Lumia 925 charging plate
  • Free entry into a really nice cocktail bar here, plus a free drink.
  • A free Nokia Music mix, and an NFC wristband to unlock the mix.

^ Nokia have previously given me a free Lumia 800 when that launched, plus a free Nokia speaker and Monster Earphones, their customer service and seeding programs are fantastic. So all of this additional stuff has been even better!


I've had the HTC Mozart, HTC Titan, Lumia 800, HTC 8S and HTC 8X and the hardware on the 925 is in another league compared to any of those. It's almost a Windows Phone that doesn't feel like a Windows Phone. It actually looks and feels premium. For me the build quality and aesthetics make it look like a phone from 2013 - comparable to the iPhone and HTC One. I prefer the neutral colours and materials here over the 920.

Coming back to Windows Phone from a Nexus 4, how refreshing, I've missed a lot: -Simplicity and cohesion, I actually feel like there's a lot less to fiddle with and that is nice, and the OS feels complete and not hacked together

-The new Facebook application is nice, although I still can't send a photo to a friend using it? (erm what?)

-Nokia's firmware additions are fantastic

-The camera is great - better than 8X by miles, and unsurprisingly better than the Nexus 4

-Battery life today has been pretty great

-The cases for the 925 are way better than those shipped with the Lumia 800 and 920, they again, feel and look more premium

. -Instance means I can carry on using Instagram! Thank the Lord... -The screen is beautiful - no more strange lines and lights outdoors, I hated the Nexus 4 for that.

The not so good: -

The microusb port is very tight, it requires a lot of force to remove/connect the charger.

-Wireless charging means the case has to be on - which is a little annoying, but not the worst.

The Lumia 925, is the first Windows Phone that doesn't, for me at least, make me bored of Windows Phone and the Lumia range. It actually inspired me to make an impulse buy, something the Lumia 920 didn't do. Oh and guess what? Retail is seemingly and anecdotally better:

-The sales rep proudly showed me his new Lumia 925 - every other purchase responded with 'why Windows Phone'...

-Strong retail placement in every store I've seen - even Phones 4 U which do not yet have stock.

-Strong Nokia advertising on TV and in print media - and clearly the road show which was in my city today.

All in all, the 925 is fantastic for someone who didn't like the 920 but missed Windows Phone/ put off by the design of the 920.