The changes to English we should make so English could be easier for foreigners to learn

I am not a linguist.

From what I understand, though, the beauty of the English language, is that it is influenced by multiple languages which makes it very versatile, the problem is that we get all sorts irregulars, and difficult to pronounce words. I propse that we make the following changes to english:

There are several letters in the English alphabet that serve no purpose, 'C' and 'X' could both be replaced with the combined efforts of 'S' and 'K', and 'Q' could be replaced with 'K' and 'W'. The letter C would make the 'TH' sound, 'Q' the 'CH' sound, and 'X' the 'SH' sound [those last two are from Pinyin (the writing of Mandarin in the Latin alphabet)] that way phonemes(distinct sounds) would have one letter, and Q and X would not make two phonemes. We would still be left with the phonemes of 'NG' as in sing, and the uncommon in english 'ZH' sound as in Jaque. I think we could leave these as is, ignore the 'ZH' as it is uncommon in english, or adopt ligatures or non-Latin character for both.

Next we need to set a standard for vowel sounds. I count thirteen common vowel sounds ten listed herein short and long forms, 'OU', 'OI', and the schwa. I suggest we set the 'OU' to only be spelled with 'OU' never 'OW', and 'OI" only spelled 'OI' never 'OY', I also suggest we use the schwa character: ə for the schwa sound, and finally for the ten long and short vowel sounds I suggest that letter represent the short sound, and to make the long sound that letter be written twice.

All other vowel clusters should be eliminated, ESPECIALLY 'OUGH'

'AR' 'ER' and 'OR' should remain as they are.

What do you guys think? especially you non-English-as-a-first-language people, would this make it easier to learn?

Also what do you think about implementing this, would it be possible?