13" rMBP with Haswell

Intel Core i5-4288U, according to Notebookcheck.com, is going to be slightly better than the base model i5-3210M used in the current 13 inch rMBP in terms of CPU performance, while offering Iris Graphics 5100. It says Iris Graphics 5100 will offer 2.25X the performance of HD 4000! Even better, the TDP for this new chip is 7W lower. So I think we can expect even better battery life for light-to-medium workload. Heck, I think with Mavericks, 13 inch rMBP has the potential to get the 12 hour battery life claim like the new MacBook Air.

I can't wait to see the Haswell-equppied rMBP. If the above assumptions are valid, it's going to be the near-perfect do-it-all portable laptop. (well, still not for everyone due to the price, which is unlikely to drop significantly)

Does my excitement make sense? :)