Two things, which i think ios 7 took inspiration from wp8.

First of all, I want to let you guys know that I more of an apple fan. I have rarely tried windows phone 8. And I have noticed two things wp8, which in my opinion, inspired Apple's latest operating system.

1. Multitasking UI

As we all know, ios 7's multitasking ui looks and works a lot like WebOS. But it reminds me more of wp 8, mainly because of animations approaches and home screen also has shown as a card in the UI(just like in wp8).Wallpaper also shows behind the cards.

2.Use of background wallpaper in dialer and lock-screen.

Many people have not noticed this, but when you press a number in the dialer or 4-digit pass-code(In phone app and lock-screen),parts of your background wallpaper shows up instantly on the numbers. This has already been in the wp8 lock-screen when you type the pass-code.This reminded me of wp8..

Again these are not facts, just my opinions..But i want you guys to give your thoughts regarding the above things. Thank you.