Idea about the new iPhone

After reading this and many other posts about the new iPhone I had an idea.

If Apple releases a budget iPhone, as the leaks suggest (even though currently the previous gen. iPhones are the budget phones, which is nice) then it might mean that Apple is changing tactics.

Generally people (for some reason) prefer larger screen phones, so much so, that every top of the line phones (besides the iPhone) is huge, but there is still a large market for people who want a 4 inch phone like the iPhone 5.

What Apple could do is to sell both. Apple could announce a "budget" iPhone that could be made of plastic, as the leaks suggest (reasoning could be that lot of people still think of the 3G and 3Gs as being really good to hold). This phone could have the guts of the current iPhone 5. If you think about it, it would be a really nice phone to buy, it wouldn't have a budget feel to it but it could cost about 100-150 usd less then the current iPhone 5.

Besides this Apple could enter the larger phone market by making it standard offering slightly larger, maybe adding an other row or column, upping the resolution a bit so current apps could be compatible or could be made compatible easily.

We would have 2 iPhone, a plastic and a metal one. The plastic continuing the current legacy, while the metal starting a new one.