Android Army Gathering - Welcome

Hey Army,

I've been thinking about this awhile. There is basically no way for us to communicate beside the threads unlike other forums, maybe Verge will add it later. However I thought it would be cool for us all to do something like an introduction. The regulars pretty much "know" the regulars. However I've been seeing a few new names pop up that I've never seen here before. If you want to join in just post the following about your Android Self! Keyword "Android Self" We don't want to hear about your money, your problems, your bills, your exs, let's keep it Android related PLEASE!! Lastly Give a shoutout to your fav forum members if you have some, those who do great post. No feeding the trolls....Oh and add links.

Have fun!

PS: No need to add your name. . . we see it.

Phone: HTC One

First Android Phone: HTC Sensation

Android Phone History: HTC Sensation > HTC EVO 3D > Galaxy Nexus > Galaxy S3 > HTC One

Favorite Phone: HTC One

Proud Member Since: November 1st 2011 (Day of site opening for public registration)

Top 3 Android Site: TheVerge Android / AndroidCentral / Talk Android

Top 3 Android Apps: Scope - Play Series Music, Books, TV, Mag - Gmail

Favorite Army Members: TheBlueF0x - KFW - KrisOnTheVerge - TigerMSTR

Favorite Verge Editor: Besides JTops - David Pierce picked my Fav Members based off of my interaction with them & Android knowledge I've learned from them to say the least. Great commentators and great posters.

Top 3 Tech Sites: The Verge, Techno Buffalo, Pocketnow

Lastly if you're please chime in and get to know a little bit more About The Verge we have the most awesome editors on the internet, and we have the best Editor-in-Chief