Do Apple users like Beats by Dre?

In the war of smart phones, the main conversation is always iOS vs Android. I drew the comparison of Beats By Dre being the iOS of the headphone world.

Beats-by-dr-dre-logo-big_medium Applelogo_medium

iOS is perceived as being "dumb" by Android users, compared to their vastly superior Android. iPhone's are always perceived to be a "rip off", as are other Apple products, whereas Android is perceived as being cheap because they have phones with lower price points.

This is similar to people who like headphones created by companies like Bose, who claim Beats By Dre are inferior to their cheaper counterparts.


To me, Beats are similar to Apple in some ways. Their products are beautifully designed, a pleasure to use and do their job. They are usually at higher price points than their competitors. Are very well known brands in their respective areas.

Are they perfect for audiophiles? I don't know, because I'm not one. But they do the job for me, just as iOS does on my Apple products.

So I wanted to know what Apple Core thinks of Beats By Dre? Do you think they as awful as people make them out to be, or are they good enough?