Question regarding new Android device (google app updates)

Hey Army,

Have been playing with my new Nexus 4, but something is confusing me. When I go to the Google Play app to update all the Google apps (which are clearly out of date), I don't find any of my Google apps under the "My apps" section. Thus I'm unable to batch update, or even determine which Google app needs an update.

Interestingly, I think Google Play may have updated itself very early on, as I noticed an interface change after about 5 minutes of using the phone. But as far as the remaining Google apps, nothing.

I don't want to turn on "automatically update apps", and I'm not sure if this would update the Google apps anyways as they won't even show up as needing updates. If I navigate to each individual app in the Google Play app by searching for them, there is an option to "open" or "update". But this can't be the main/only way to update Google apps can it?